Water Coolers

The Tree Company has access to quality water dispensers from New Zealand’s leading water filter importer. These are high capacity coolers that look great. We are not providing Just Water. We are providing a cool fresh alternative to normal tap water. It tastes like spring water.

We hire bottled water coolers for use in showrooms or away from a water supply. We also hire inline or plumbed in water coolers that filter their own water. Drinking water never tasted so good. Our customers have found that by providing office water coolers, they increase the water consumed by staff and this is improves productivity.

The Tree Company hires inline and stand alone water coolers and water filters for commercial customers in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

Good water is essential

Providing good quality drinking water for staff and customers is seen and very positive for both groups. We have all become more discerning about the water we drink. Poor tasting water or water with a strong smell is no longer acceptable.

By hiring a water filter and water cooler from The Tree Company you can be sure you will always have good quality cool water to drink.

Type of units available:

Inline Water Coolers

Inline Water Coolers

These are units that are connected to your existing water system and provide a continuous supply of clean filtered water. Inline units are available as either; cool / cold or cold / hot units.

Hot water from these units is sufficient for hot drinks but is not boiling.

Stand Alone Water Coolers

Bottle Water Coolers

These units are preferred when there is no access to your water pipes. They are the traditional units with a bottle on top that needs refilling when empty. Stand alone units are ideal for showrooms or exhibitions. These are available as cool / cold or cold / hot units.

Under Sink Water Coolers

Plumbed In Water Cooler

Most suitable for cafes, restaurants and kitchens where a free standing unit does not suit. They have a large throughput capacity and filter their own water. There is no need to buy water or change bottles. Available as cold or cold / hot units

Fountain Water Coolers

Water Fountains

These freestanding units are suitable for large work places or public areas. They are connected to your existing water system and filter their own water.


Why Hire from The Tree Company?

We take care of the servicing; changing the filter and making sure your unit is providing good clean water. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits of quality filtered water in your work place. There are no hidden costs or surprises. Our friendly staff will take care of it all.

We provide high quality filters and units to ensure your satisfaction.

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