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For outdoor grown palms in Hamilton or Waikato call The Tree Company 0800 873 326.

Specimen trees and palms for landscaping projects that need instant results. Suitable for councils, subdivisions, or that special garden.

Field grown palms hardened to Waikato conditions. Variety of sizes available.

Large Queen Palms (Syagrus Romanzoffiana)

Sizes available 2.5m – 5.00m
Field grown
Retail $600 - $900

This is a fast growing palm that can handle cold conditions. It is therefore very suitable for growing in the Waikato. It forms a single elegant trunk, gray in colour and with circular leaf scars. It will grow to a maximum of 15m. This is the palm of choice when wanting the large elegant palm look without taking too much space and when more sensitive palms cannot be used. Not suitable where salt spray is a problem but is otherwise very hardy.

Chinese Windmill Palms (Trachycarpus fortunei)

Sizes available 2.3m - 3.0m
Field grown
Retail $700.00 - $980.00
Chinese Windmill Palms 1.2m -1.4m
Easy lift 35litre bags
Retail $250.00

This very hardy palm is suitable for a wide range of uses. It is very frost tolerant and moderately salt tolerant. Because of its compact growth form it can be used in many garden situations. Growing eventually to 20m this slow growing palm will be with you a long time. Yellowing of leaves provide a colour contrast. It has a hairy narrow trunk. Used in gardens in the Waikato for many years it is now available in larger sizes for instant effect.

Cotton Palm (Washingtonia robusta)

Sizes available 2.3m - 3.0m
Field grown
Retail $499.00

This strong growing palm is recognized by its bright brown trunk leaf residue, when leaves are trimmed. The distinctive trunk stays this way for many years before the residue falls off to leave a very sturdy grey trunk. These are big palms growing to 30m in time. It has fan shaped leaves with barbs along the stems. The leaves have a wispy appearance at the margins during high growth periods. On larger specimens some old fronds will hang down forming fawn coloured skirt until they are removed or fall off. This palm is tolerant of salt spray. As it is a large palm it is not suitable to confined spaces. It will however provide a distinctive entranceway to larger properties if planted along the driveway. Planted in groups it can make a very strong statement in the right location. It is very suitable for council planting and where salt spry can be a problem.

Moving large palms and large trees to your place

As most of our large palms are still in the ground they need to be shifted using a tree spade. This is a large hydraulic operated spade that fits on the back of a truck. We suggest that you contact Barry Cox from Tree Locations to give you a price to shift a palm to your premises.

Phone Barry on 0274 903 105



It is quick and easy and you don’t even have to dig a hole or take the soil away.

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